My Mission

Code With Bootcamps has a simple mission: to give people all the information they need to make an informed decision about if, when and which coding bootcamp to study with in London.

My name is Stevan Popovic. I am a software developer based in London, having graduated from General Assembly in 2018. After graduating, I was asked by many friends, ex-colleagues and acquaintances about the experience. In particular, people asked me about specific details of the course and how other coding bootcamps compared. I launched this website as an answer to those questions.

    My goal can be summarised in three steps:
  • Inform - Give people access to all the decision-making data such as price, duration, learning styles, job support, etc.
  • Without Bias - Present the information without bias or preference. This site is built with the potential student in mind. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so I present the information in a way that allows the user to make their own judgement.
  • Reduce Fear - Career change can be scary, but also exciting. We try to highlight the growth opportunities that come with a career switch into software development.

This site let's you easily compare and evaluate the different coding bootcamps in order to understand if one is right for you.

Whether you decide to code with a bootcamp or not, I wish you a positive learning experience.

Written by Stevan Popovic, creator of Code With Bootcamps, software developer and coding Bootcamp alum.

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