Launching Code With Bootcamps

October 23, 2019

London has become a hot-spot for startups. To support this, code Bootcamps have emerged as the main source of new tech talent. Code Bootcamps have helped to retrain and upskill thousands of people from other careers and move them into the growing technology industry.

I’m launching Code With Bootcamps to support this continued change. The mission is simple: help people make an informed decision by presenting all the decision-making data in an easy and consistent way.

Code With Bootcamps is designed to inform, without bias and reduce fear. Switching career can be scary, but it should also be exciting! By presenting all the information I hope to help people clarify if the career switch is a good fit for them.

I go into detail on each course, finding data points such as price, payment plans, duration, location, teachers, alumni, stack, teaching style and more. I also make it easy to filter and compare courses based on the criteria that matters most to you. demo

As a former code Bootcamp grad myself (I graduated from General Assembly in 2018), I understand the importance of having all the information available. It’s a big, one-time decision and you want to get it right.

This site is created to help you do just that.

Stevan Popovic

Written by Stevan Popovic, creator of Code With Bootcamps, software developer and coding Bootcamp alum.

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