What Is A Coding Bootcamp?

January 26, 2020

This site was built to help people better understand coding Bootcamps in London. But what exactly is a coding Bootcamp? Below I discuss exactly what a Bootcamp is in a few different ways.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding Bootcamp is a course designed to teach people how to code. It fits in the broader category of education. People want to learn a new skill (in this case coding) to advance their career prospects and increase their earning potential.

Coding Bootcamps are frequently used as a means to change career i.e. move into the technology sector as it continues to grow.

What’s the general format of a coding Bootcamp?

The standard format for a coding Bootcamp is a 12 week, in-person course that is lead by a teacher with approximately 15-20 students. It is much like a classroom you might have at school or a seminar in University.

As Bootcamps have become popular in the last 5 years, the variety of formats has increased. There are shorter Bootcamps (like Le Wagon) or longer Bootcamps (like Flatiron School). There are also Bootcamps that are peer-led, rather than teacher-led (e.g. Founders & Coders). Similarly, there are now remote-first Bootcamps (like Lambda School).

The course syllabus usually covers front-end and back-end technologies and is changed to match the job market over time.

What does it do for people? What does it do for society?

The primary function of coding Bootcamps is to educate people in a new skill. The reasons why people desire this can vary, but normally come down to enhancing their career prospects. This can mean more job opportunities, a better salary and increased growth prospects.

Coding Bootcamps also perform an interesting role for society. As technology companies continue to grow other industries shrink. Coding Bootcamps are often a way for people to change career from a shrinking industry to a growing industry and fuels he demand for labour in the burgeoning tech scene.

Why do a coding Bootcamp?

As mentioned above, there are many reasons to do a coding Bootcamp. Some to consider:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Move into an industry with growing job demand
  • Learn the “language of technology” for an existing career

What could you do instead?

Now we understand what a coding Bootcamp is, it’s useful to consider some related “products” that you might consider to perform a similar function.

  • University - Many people will seek a degree in order to advance their career prospects. Whilst popular, degrees are expensive in terms of both time and money. A coding Bootcamp can provider a shorter, more specialized education experience.
  • Apprenticeship - The apprenticeship model can be used to gain a career in technology or IT.
  • Online courses - Digital courses are typically cheaper than in-person courses and seek to teach many of the same skills although can be seen as less formal.
  • Self education - Of course, you could teach yourself many of the same skills on your own.

In short, coding Bootcamps sit alongside many other education services.

Who provides coding Bootcamps?

Coding Bootcamps are provided by a handful of private companies who saw the gap in existing education services to provide coding skills as the technology and startup sectors boomed. This site was designed specifically to highlight many of these providers and help compare them.

If you are considering a coding Bootcamp, it’s worth spending time to choose the right one for you. As always, reach out to us if we can help.

Stevan Popovic

Written by Stevan Popovic, creator of Code With Bootcamps, software developer and coding Bootcamp alum.

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