The London Tech Scene

February 16, 2020

London has emerged as a primary tech hub in Europe. Let’s look at some of the reasons that make London an attractive place to study at a tech Bootcamp and join the software development ecosystem.

Job Market

The primary reason is the impressive job market. London has a high demand for software developers. If you look at any of the major job boards, you will instantly see requests for developers of all kinds. This means that there is constantly a need to supply new developers as well. Of course, coding Bootcamps are one means to supply that demand.

One reason for the excessive demand of software developers is both macro and global, that software development jobs are in demand everywhere. Simply put, the world generally is relying on technology more, so there is more demand for people that write software.

Statistic: Number of employees in the IT, software and computer services economy of United Kingdom (UK) from 2011 to 2018* (in 1,000s) | Statista

But there are reasons that are specific to London as well. First, London brings together a number of industries in one place. For example, there is a strength in finance, consumer, advertising, media and fashion. This means technology has an opportunity to blur into each of these industries. From the job perspective, it also means software developers have a number of interesting industries that they may go into. This is an excellent advantage for any potential students to understand.

Second, is that the city actively supports the creation of future jobs and supports the tech industry specifically. For example, bodies like TechNation have been set up to support the ecosystem. The tech ecosystem is driven by individuals who actually create companies, that we’ll speak about next.


A second reason London is an attractive tech community is the strong culture of entrepreneurship. London is known as a hub for startups and innovation. This means you can be sure in the future job opportunities will continue to grow.

It also means their will be future relevant opportunities and skills to learn. For example, if you have any interest in working in new technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain you can be sure that London startups will be using them.

Quality, Density And Variety Of Courses

A third reason that London is attractive to Bootcamp students is the quality of the Bootcamps available themselves. London is home to a number of quality Bootcamps that are diverse in terms of duration, cost, tech stack and learning style. For a student, this means there are options. It also means there is competition between the Bootcamps. This is an important motivating factor that drives them to be better. For example, they readily update their course materials and technology stacks. They also provide alternative ways of funding the courses (like the rising popularity in ISAs).

Support For Diversity & Social Impact

Many of these Bootcamps also actively support diversity. If you are coming from a diverse background, Bootcamps are often leading the way to support you transition into the industry. Whilst the technology industry as a whole is still primarily male and white, younger cohorts of employees are slowly becoming more diverse. As an example, General Assembly has several social impact initiatives whilst Makers Academy have a fellowship programme for diverse backgrounds. Founders & Coders started as a Bootcamp specifically for diverse backgrounds. Indeed, If you’re coming from a diverse background, please utilise these opportunities.


London’s technology sector also has a vibrant community. The community is driven by tech hubs such as Google Campus and Second Home as well as a number on individuals whom organize and host meetups of all kinds (see Meetup). Coding Bootcamps also play their role here, often offering up there space and hosting meetups and events themselves.

Community events can be driven by topic, hiring or purely social. They are often free and involve pizza and drinks.

London also hosts the biggest tech fair for hiring, Silicon Milkroundabout.


Finally, we can’t talk about London without mentioning the lifestyle. As well as being a great place to learn, London is a great place to live! London is known for its food, theatre and music. Whilst you won’t have much time for this whilst you study during a coding Bootcamp, you can be sure to enjoy it afterwards.

Stevan Popovic

Written by Stevan Popovic, creator of Code With Bootcamps, software developer and coding Bootcamp alum.

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