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I'll help you find the best-suited code Bootcamp, for free.

After a wild 2020, lot's of people are looking to retrain, upskill and find a new career. Coding Bootcamps are one way to do that.

I'll listen to your goals, preferences and timelines in order to help you to understand if a coding Bootcamp is right for you. If it is, I'll also help you find which one best meets your needs.

Why is my time free? It is free for you. But I make a small fee when I place a new student at a Bootcamp.

Why can I help? I did a coding Bootcamp in 2018. I've been following Bootcamps since 2012. I've come to understand the differences and why you might choose one over the other. I've also learned to ask the right questions, to help you make the right choice. You can learn more about me.

When you're ready, simply schedule a call with me .

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