Founders & Coders (London) - Software Engineering

Founders & Coders is perhaps the most unique of the London-based coding Bootcamps. It is tuition-free (👍), peer-led (👫) and run as a non-profit (❌💰) with a focus on social impact (💡). Whilst the other schools are relatively similar, varying mostly in duration and price, Founders & Coders is different in more fundamental ways, both how your learn and what you make.

  • Peer-led - Classes are self-taught. Students are broken into small groups to deep-dive on certain topics. They then come together to share their learnings, each leading their own section. Mentors are available (often previous students).
  • Social impact/Tech for better - Student projects are build toward community improvement and altruistic causes. e.g. marketplaces for recycled goods, platforms for sharing food.
  • Tuition-free - As well as creating projects for good, the school itself is a platform for upward social mobility. This means courses are cost-free, remaining accesible to all candidates.
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  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Cities: 3
  • Non-profit organisation
  • Focus on Social Impact
  • Selective application process

The Course

Skills and technologies include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML is the universal language of webpages. In the first week, you'll learn to write semantic (descriptive) HTML that gives your pages content; words, images, links, etc.

See Syllabus

The Experience

Articles and blogs about Founders & Coders, from students and elsewhere:

Alumni Progressing

Here are a few alumni of the Founders & Coders Software Engineering course who are progressing in their careers.

Owen Turner-Major

Owen is co-founder and CTO of Fat Llama, a VC-backed stuff-sharing marketplace.

Katerina Pascoulis

Katerina is now product manager at Lantum. Previously, she did contracting and founded her own startup.

Akin Sowemimo

Akin completed F&C in 2017 and is now a Software Engineer at one of London's fastest growing startups, Monzo.

Ruth Uwemedimo

Ruth is a Senior Software Engineer at Lantum, having completed F&C in 2016.

Key People & Teachers

Below are the teachers and people that run Founders & Coders.

Dan Sofer

Dan is the founder and Executive Director of Founders & Coders.

Liu Yvonne

Yvonne leads operations at F&C having completed the programme as a student in 2017.

Elias Malik

Elias is a developer and mentor at F&C.

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