Lambda School (London) - Full Stack Web Development

Lambda School is the coding Bootcamp with internet-scale ambitions. It’s different to most coding Bootcamps in three big ways:

  • Remote - Rather than meeting in a physical class room, students are all remote (☁️). Teaching is led by instructors over video conference calls.
  • Income Share Agreement - There is zero upfront cost (❌💰). Lambda School focuses on being accessible, which means reducing the financial barrier to entry. The course is free for the duration of teaching and only once you receive a high-paying job, do you start to pay a fraction of your earnings.
  • Duration - Lambda school is a 40-week program. Whereas most coding Bootcamps teach you just what you need to get a job in the industry, Lambda school seeks to be a more comprehensive study of software development and computer science.

Lambda is one of the newest coding Bootcamps and they are not afraid to do things differently. They’ve raised $48m from investors (🤑) to grow internationally. They are new to the European market, having only launched in the summer of 2019 in London.

Lambda School branded logo
  • Founded: 2017
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
  • Cities: Remote

The Course

Skills and technologies include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node
  • Express
  • React
  • Python
  • SQL
  • HTML is the universal language of webpages. In the first week, you'll learn to write semantic (descriptive) HTML that gives your pages content; words, images, links, etc.

See Syllabus

The Experience

Articles and blogs about Lambda School, from students and elsewhere:

  • 10 Weeks of Lambda School - A Review (Medium)

Alumni Progressing

Here are a few alumni of the Lambda School Full Stack Web Development course who are progressing in their careers.

Hester Knight

Hester is a current student at Lambda School.

Key People & Teachers

Below are the teachers and people that run Lambda School.

Rory Flint

Rory is a Web Developer and team lead at Lambda School.

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