Le Wagon (London) - FullStack Program

Le Wagon is the shortest of the coding Bootcamps (🏃🏽). At 9 weeks, you’ll be back in the job market as soon as possible and spending the least money too (😀).

The school is pragmatic, focusing on the skills that get you building projects as soon as possible (👷). Given this, Le Wagon attracts a handful of entrepreneurial students seeking to build businesses, as well as their skills (📈).

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  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Cities: 37
  • Alumni: 6,120

The Course

Skills and technologies include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • SQL
  • HTML is the universal language of webpages. In the first week, you'll learn to write semantic (descriptive) HTML that gives your pages content; words, images, links, etc.

See Syllabus

The Experience

Articles and blogs about Le Wagon, from students and elsewhere:

  • My Le Wagon Bootcamp Experience — First 3 Weeks (Medium)

Alumni Progressing

Here are a few alumni of the Le Wagon FullStack Program course who are progressing in their careers.

Jack Culpan

Jack is a founder and web developer, using Le Wagon as a way to support his business and grow his skillset.

Sophie Dermaux

Since Le Wagon, Sophie has worked as a Software Engineer and now Technical Manager at Onfido.

Ben Fanning

Ben went from ski instructor to developer to founder via his cstudy at Le Wagon.

Key People & Teachers

Below are the teachers and people that run Le Wagon.

Benjamin Baranger

Benjamin is a teacher and web develop, having been a student of Le Wagon himself in 2017.

Phelim Dunleavy

Phelim is the lead teacher at Le Wagon in London.

Catherine Oxley

Catherine is a graduate of the course who now teaches the front-end section.

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