Strive School (London) - Web Engineering

Strive School is a remote-only coding Bootcamp based in Bootcamp. Like Lambda School, there is no up-front cost. Instead, you enter into an ISA agreement to pay back 10% of your future earnings once you are placed into a job (with a maximum cost of €18,000).

In term of duration, Strive School is longer than most 3-month coding Bootcamps, providing a greater exposure to course materials and teachers over time, whilst not being as long as Lambda School’s 40-week program.

YCombinator, an impressive company based in Silicon Valley, have invested in the school to grow in Europe.

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  • Founded: 2020
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Cities: Remote

The Course

Skills and technologies include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mongo DB
  • HTML is the universal language of webpages. In the first week, you'll learn to write semantic (descriptive) HTML that gives your pages content; words, images, links, etc.

See Syllabus

The Experience

Articles and blogs about Strive School, from students and elsewhere:

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Alumni Progressing

Here are a few alumni of the Strive School Web Engineering course who are progressing in their careers.

Ubeyt Demir

Ubeyt completed the remote course and is now a teaching assistant.

Key People & Teachers

Below are the teachers and people that run Strive School.

Daniele Banovaz

Daniele is a tutor and teacher with 17 years experience.

Stefano Miceli

Stefano is a front-end teacher and also a founder.

Jan Carbonell

Jan is a data scientist teaching the AI course.

Alessia Luminari

Alessia helps students get hired and prepare for work.

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